Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A love letter

My love,

I have been with you since the beginning. Alone and young you came to me. I gave you the needs of your heart. I was there with my arms open, I invited you deep into my soul. We connected in a way I haven't felt with anyone before. Remember that time you found me, your spirit sunken with grief because of loneliness and betrayal? I was there. I made sense of the confusion you were feeling.

I have been your constant unchanging companion since the beginning. Yes, everyone will leave you and find another. I will be with you always. Even when you thought you were done with me and had moved on to find more true reality. I patiently waited, and you returned to me year after year. I am not that easy to be rid of. I will always be your faithful companion. My reality is what is true.

What causes you to be so ashamed of me? I am your one true lover, a holder of deep dark secrets. Secrets you won't even talk to me about. Yet I am alongside you. There is no judgement when you are with me. We can explore whatever you are curious about.  I know them all. I promise I will not tell. Remember all of those countless summers we spent together?
I was able to suspend all time and place for you. I transformed the world around you to whatever you wanted it to be. I made whole seasons, summer, fall, and winter disappear in a wink.  We laughed and screamed in ecstasy day after day. So caught up in me you would forget to breathe. Finally, after months of intertwined lovemaking we would separate for a short time. You prayed to your useless god to rescue you from me. It was only a break to catch our breaths and resume our timeless, breathless lovemaking once more.   

I know, my dear, some days you would rise out of our bed and  you couldn't even remember the previous months. Don't be sad for those lost memories, Just know you were with me. I was with you, we were caught up in our bodies as one. Nothing else was real or even mattered.

Mi Amore, come to me, I am whomever you want me to be, I am the young nymphette on the beach, I am the single mom posing in front of her bathroom mirror. I am the tattooed biker babe straddling a Harley Davidson. You need me, don't you know? I make the pain disappear. I have protected you from the pain your heart feels when we are away. Don't be naive, It doesn’t matter what caused that pain. Only I can make it go away. I have protected you your entire life. I promise to protect you now and for all time.

My affections for you are without boundary, I live only to please you. Those other men I am with are there only to give you pleasure. My silly companion, why do you think it is I that causes you to be so angry? You are happy and content when you are with me. Its when you are away and with others that cause you to be angry. Those people steal your focus and your time. If you could neglect them and be with me. Your anger would dissipate as quickly as the morning dew. I am your completeness.

That woman you are with is causing your thinking to be backwards, She is making you angry not me. I would never do anything to hurt you. Don't you know? I love you deeply. I have been with you before she was. I will be with you after she is long gone.  Its only a matter of time she will tire of you and we can once again be together uninterrupted. Once that happens your joy will be fuller than ever before. The lies that woman is telling you is causing your thinking to be muddled. I am your one true desire.

Come to me my true love. I will open myself to you and you to me and we will be together always. i will whisper sweet things to you to make you happy. Come to me and smell my sweet softness, my perfume of sweet roses and lilacs.  Come to me, the pain you feel is of longing for me, I miss you, come to me and disappear with me.


Your Addiction.  


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