Saturday, June 23, 2012

Redirect the Shame

Please forgive me, I am still processing. I think it is important to share my thoughts. This is a  deviation from my story.

Elation, joy, and vindicated relief. At 10.30pm last night I glanced at my phone to check my messages. “Sandusky found guilty. . .” I was happy to know that for once the justice system worked correctly for such a high profile case. I couldn't help but think about the O.J. Simpson case many years ago. The entire country knew he was guilty of murder. Yet, because of the skilled deception and misdirection of the attorneys OJ was let go free.

I must admit that I tried to stay away from coverage of this trial in a sole purpose to keep myself sane and in a relatively calm mood around my family. I found the initial coverage and later the details of the trial VERY triggering, infuriating, and depressing. I couldn't help myself as I heard the gory details being transported to the shower and I, myself was the vulnerable one being raped by that soulless monster.

I am happy the trial is over and it wasn’t drawn out for weeks and weeks. I think the country as a whole needs to heal from what this bastard has done. As we heal, we must not forget what we have learned from this. No matter what job someone may have, they are not above reproach and justice will find the truth. Our children know secrets that we as adults can not comprehend and the easiest thing to do is to cover those secrets up in a black blanket of darkness.  

CSA awareness is at an all time high. Somehow, we must find a way to capitalize on it and bring a stop to it.  We need to reclaim the power and redirect the shame back to where it belongs--on the perpetrator.  

Redirect the Shame

I was young and trusting,

Redirect the Shame

You were older and cunning

Redirect the Shame

Tell no one, You said.

Redirect the Shame

I will tell everyone and away I fled.


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